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iVantage HRIS Service from Spectrum HR (now known as Epicor HRMS)

Human Resources Management Subscription/ASP Solution
Provided by HR Technology Partners

iVantage HRMS Software imageiVantage 4.X is a comprehensive, web native and Web delivered Human Resource Management solution (HRMS).

With the Software as a Service (SaS) model iVantage requires a low up front commitment and flexible contract period. You will only be charged for the active employees that are on the system on a monthly basis. You can also have the flexibility to moving iVantage in-house should your organization need to. Maximum flexibility and Minimum risk... That is iVantage ASP.


Designed from the beginning to be fully web operational, iVantage utilizes the latest Microsoft technology to deliver a per employee per month billing model with lower up front costs and plenty of room to grow and mature your HR processes..

You can truly be anywhere - at work, at home or on the road - as long as you have access to the internet, you can accomplish all of your HR tasks.

Within the base product you will find everything you need to track your employees from the application process through to retirement, including requisition management, status/job/pay history, benefit administration, absence accruals, performance reviews and turnover analysis.

iVantage gives you a choice of high-end decision support tools. With over 100 standard reports, you will find most of your reporting needs already met by iVantage. However, if the report you need is not included, you have several other options. With iVantage Query, the creation of an ad-hoc report is as easy as writing a sentence. Type your question, such as, "Show me the hourly employees in St. Louis who are over the age of 30," and your data will instantly appear!

Also, iVantage incorporates access to Analysis Services, a new online analytical processing tool that works like a pivot table. Use Analysis Services if you want to compare the number of hourly employees in St. Louis to the number of employees in Denver with their salaries. If you want to make further changes to your report, export it to Microsoft Word, Excel, or Access to add headers, move columns, or change fonts.

Microsoft Office provides data accessibility between iVantage and these desktop productivity tools.

iVantage also includes the integration of SQL Reporting. Create new and modify current reports over the Internet from your iVantage system using a simple wizard. Additionally, add those reports to the iVantage menu for any or all user roles to see.

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